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a florida pastor's protest is drawing condemnation from the white house. >> this morning, events for burn a koran day are still on. the race for d.c. mayor ramps up less than a week out from the primary. what two high profile names are saying about the candidates they support.
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fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning to you. it is wednesday morning, september 8, 2010 as we get a live look outside. temperatures pretty warm to start this day. 76degrees outside already. we want it thank you for getting up early with fox 5. i'm steve chenevey. glad to have you along with us. we do have a problem at one intersection in northeast d.c. this morning. watt anterior cross the sleet street has eastern avenue at bladensburg road shut down. police say they are also hearing reports of basement flooding and homes without water. crews are working to fix a 16- inch water main in that area. we'll bring you an update as soon as we get more information into the fox 5 newsroom. right now, tony is back with another check on our weather. everybody is back at school today. i think folks in virginia too. >> they went back yesterday and so today, we'll see another morning where it is okay. the conditions to head to school are okay. more clouds this morning. some of you out to the west may
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encount are a few showers here or there. at reagan national, the current temperature is 75 degrees. relative humidity is 66%. that is not bad. wind are out of the south. this is showing out cloud cover that comes through and than some of those showers. now, this overplays it a little bit. there are showers out to the west. they are not as numerous or impressive as this is showing. but it is showing some moisture associated with the frontal system that is coming through. so can't rule out a sprinkle or shower for some of our viewers early this morning. our temperature trend, after a high yesterday in the low to mid-90s, we're looking for a high today near 90 degrees. maybe about 89 degrees downtown and then for the rest of the week, highs only for the rest of the workweek, only in the upper 70s. low 80s on saturday. much cooler conditions on the way.
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today is your day of transition. >> let's check in with julie wright and get a look at traffic. >> talking about water main breaks and repairs, wave been keeping an eye out along 410 at the bw parkway. all lanes are open. the contractor schedule to do the repaving says he will set up around 7:00 this morning. so all the lanes are open 410 at the bw right now. that is scheduled to change around 7 and 7 -- around 7:00 and we'll keep you posted. behind me, this is the live shot of 66. as you travel inbound this morning, lanes are open headed in from fair oaks towards 123. southbound 95 on the brakes out of hyattstown. a slow go as you crawl along head out towards the truck scales. no problems report ad long 355 if you want it use that as your alternate ride. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our big story, a florida pastor's plan to burn coppies of the koran on september 11th is still on.
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>> several top names in the obama administration are condemning the protest. pastor terry jones says the event is a protest against radical islam and he has a constitutional right to do it. secretary of state hillary clinton is the latest to join the growing list are talking publicly against the protest that many fear will only put troops' lives on the line. >> a pastor down in gainesville, florida, plans to burn the holy koran on september 11th. i am heartened by the clear unequivocal condemnation of this disrespectful, disgraceful act. >> pastor jones says he has received death threats and is wearing a gun for his own protection. saturday will mark nine years since the 9-11 attacks. president obama will take part in a remembrance ceremony at the pentagon. first lady michelle obama will
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travel to the site of the flight 93 crash near shanksville, pennsylvania. she will be joined by former first lady laura bush. president obama travels to ohio today where he will lay out another part of his plan for economic recovery. he is expected to tell the crowd if cleave thrand he will push to allow businesses to quickly write off 100% of their spending on new plants and equipment. that will be through next year. -- he is expected to tell the crowd in cleveland he will push to allow businesses to quickly write off 100% of their spending. fairfax county police are investigating a sex assault that happened early this morning. police say somebody out if a swrog found the victim along franconia road in alexandria -- out for a jog found the victim along franconia road in alexandria. just six days remain until the democratic primary that will essentially tea side the race for d.c. mayor. the latest "washington post"
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poll shows council chairman vincent gray leading incumbent mayor adrian fenty by 17% of likely voters. last week, you heard the two candidates debate here on fox 5 morning news. last night, two of their biggest supporters took to the air. ron moten faced off with marion barry. >> the problem here is that what about the people? adrian fenty has talked about recreation centerss. what about jobs if the parents of the students, the kids who go to recreation centers. what about housing for the 26,000 people? what about the manhunter on the business program with 45% a little before he got there. it is down to 30-some percent in terms of local minority small business people. he has lost touch with the people. he manages by press conference as opposed to managing. >> adrian fenty has made some mistakes just like marion barry has made some mistakes and i'm
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kind of surprised that mayor wrong wouldn't agree to give somebody who has change the city and i quite have a different opinion than my icon, who i love, marion barry, when he says that things haven't changed in ward eight. we have four new rec centers, three libraries, 1,000 units of permanent housing for the homeless an can you take the last four mayors an combine them together and they won't have 1,000 units of permanent housing for the homeless families in d.c. >> mayor fenty has just picked up an endorsement from the washington examiner. a woman found dead and a man believed to be the father of one of her children was found seriously injured at the apartment they shared along majors lane in columbia, maryland. the police don't think the fire killed the mother of four. they are looking into whether there was a domestic dispute. nobody else was hurt. the whole incident is under investigation. police are reminding students to be on alert after
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another robbery near the university of maryland campus in college park. the latest victim says the suspect pulled a gun on him and a friend. there have been six incidents just in the last few weeks. police have stepped up patrols in that area. coming up next a big announcement in chicago's mayoral race is fueling speculation there might be a shake-up in the obama administration. we are still a ways out from the holidays but a battle is brewing in one community over who can put up their displays. more on that when fox 5 morning news continues. d
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another powerfulafter shock damages more buildings in new zealand overnight. the city of christchurch got hit early this morning with a 5.1 aftershock. authorities are extending a state of emergency for another week. 300 people have been in shelter
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since saturday's earthquake. a bomb threat on a thai airways flight arriving in los angeles turns out to be a false alarm. agented searched the plane after somebody report a threat written in pour english on a bathroom mirror. chicago's mayor richard daley stunned report ares at a routine news conference when he announced he is not running for re-election. there is speculation that rahm emmanuel will quit his post with the obama administration and run for mayor of chicago. emmanuel honored mayor daley's service but would not say if he would run. coming up next, more than three months out now from christmas and one community is already talking about its holiday display. >> hoare on the debate over who can share in the holiday spirit. can we expect some warm weather to hang on on this wednesday? we'll check back in with tony
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for your forecast and julie takes a look at the roads when fox 5 morning news returns. -- more on the debate over who can share in the holiday spirit. c
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welcome back. strong winds helped fan flames that swept through at least two dozen homes in detroit. this happened last night in three different neighborhoods. there are no reports of any injuries. investigators think that some of these fires may have been caused by dead tree limbs falling into power lines. more than 100,000 customers lost power. win gusts topped 50 miles per hour. >> that is awful to see. >> we're just dealing with a little bit of warmer temperatures here. >> what i should mention since you showed that is that there is a fire. what is that called, fire watch? yeah, fire watch for the area. what that simply means is we're try because we've had for rain and it is breezy out.
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every now and then, the weather service issues that when you have those conditions. we want to let you know about that. there is also a coastal flood advisory in effect until 11:00 because of the wind pushing water up against the shore. something to let you know about. meanwhile, temperature are in the 70s this morning. let's take a look, show you how things are shaping up across the region. another day where many. you are seeing your temperatures in the 70s although our temperatures were low are -- lower yesterday morning at this time. it is 74 in the district. dulles at 71 degrees. manassas at 70 degrees. in cambridge, maryland, it is 77 and did i mention baltimore, 74 degrees there. i want to check those winds. i mentioned those to you. they are suggested early at 10 miles per hour this morning. seven mile per hour wind in baltimore. they are not particularly strong but just want to show you the wind speeds as those winds come out of the south. later on, they will shift to
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out of the west behind a cold front that will come through. a couple of things to tell you about as far as this cold front goes. this morning, we have clouds in over us. indeed our skies are mostly cloudy. the clouds pushed in by the front. there are a few showers where we are seeing some showers off to the west. some of you will encounter some light shower activity or a sprinkle or two as the front comes through. behind the front, much cooler air makes its way in here. today will be a warm day and then that cold air settles in tonight. meanwhile, we are keeping your our -- keeping our eyes on this precipitation. this is tropical storm hermine. this is now a tropical depression. you can see the center of circulation. this, we expect to move along another frontal system similar to this one, move into the mid- atlantic and bring rain to our area by sunday. today though, early clouds, afternoon sun, becoming quite breezy. wind out of the west at 15 to 20 miles per hour.
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89degrees for your high in town. you will note the overnight lows in the 60s. that is when the cool are air works its way in. tomorrow, temperatures, highs only in the 70s. overnight lows, thursday, friday, in the 50s. friday, saturday, temperatures near upper 70s to around 80 degrees. sunday, we get the clouds and some thunderstorms possible. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic with julie wright. >> tony, problems right now in northeast washington we want do have the live shot to bring you of the water main break that is now tying up eastern avenue just south of rhode island avenue but before you reach bladensburg road. eastern avenue now blocked off between newton street and blood understandburg road. it looks like there is a lot of debris out there that needs to be cleaned up before we can reopen the roads. this occurred earlier this morning.
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it is in northeast washington blocking eastern avenue in each direction between rhode island avenue and bladensburg road. we'll take you back inside now. if you are traveling northbound along i-95 in virginia, if you look closely, that is the v- d.o.t. truck that continues to block the left lane. accident activity occurred here and you will find if you are traveling northbound, delays are starting to form out of dale city headed northbound up towards the occoquan. accident activity blocking the left lane northbound 95 just north of the occoquan. southbound 270, not so bad right now in germantown. lane are open. the top stretch is very slow as you approach and pass 109. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. more than three months away from christmas still and a battle is already brewing over a proposed ban on relynna laious displays in loudoun county. it would ban religious holiday displays on the grounds of the county courthouse. the board decided last year to allow up to 10 groups to set up displays at one time i'm
6:21 am
resident-led commission says that policy has created an unmanageable situation. >> i would implor you on behalf of our citizens of all faiths to allow those displays to continue -- i would implore you. these are the critical tenets of what our civilization is built on, freedom of speech and freedom of religion. >> the proper place for religious displays is on religous or private property. that way, everyone is treated fairly. all rights are preserved. the majority religion enjoys no special privilege and the constitution suffers no insult or injury. >> the loudoun county board is expected to vote on the proposed ban later this morning. our business beat is coming up next. we'll talk more about president obama's economic speech which happens later today. as we go to break, you might note is a change the next time you pull up to a -- you might notice a change the next
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visit today.
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and bring our city together. vince gray. his economic development plan will help expand small businesses and create jobs. his record of reform and accomplishments earned him the praise of newspapers across the city, citing gray's leadership and efforts to pass education reform and expand early childhood education. vince gray -- he cares. he listens. he'll be a leader we can trust and the mayor we need for one city.
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i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken. we have breaking news to tell you from d.c. where police are on the scene of a barricade situation on 52nd street southwest, a six-block area of 5 #nd street is blocked off. we do have a crew on the scene and we'll bring you more details as soon as they come into the fox 5 newsroom. >> it was a down day for the dow and president obama is getting ready to lay out more of his plan for economic recovery later today. to talk more about it, let's head up to new york and chris cotter with fox business. dow down 107 points yesterday.
6:26 am
do you think the president's speech today will have an impact on the markets? >> it may simply because we don't have a whole lot else to really impact the markets other than what is going on in europe. they don't celebrate labor day like we do here so they got back at you us for having monday off. banks were under pressure all did i yesterday in europe and that sort of translated over here. the financials led the way. the president does speak today about his latest effort to stimulate the economy. he doesn't want to call day stimulus. but yesterday, we talked about the $50 billion to infrastructure. there is an r & d tax break if you spend money on research and dwoim. there - - and development. there will be a new way of accounting so you can deduct your spents this year against next year's taxes instead of having to amortize that over several years he will flesh that out and say how he will pay for them because that is what the republicans are going to be interested in.
6:27 am
all of these bills have to go through congress, gurvir so that will be a big part of what does move the market today if anything at all. we do get consumer credit and the feds beige book but very little volume. very little to move the market. >> we'll be watching everything that happens today and talk more about it tomorrow. thank you. coming up, a protest of radical islam. white house says he is putting lives on the line, undoing years of work by troops on the front lines in afghanistan. we'll get the latest on the florida pastor's plan to burn the koran on september 11th. 
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a water main break leaving behind a big mess for some home owners this morning and it could impact your commute as we'll. crews are on the scene of a 16- inch water main break.
6:31 am
more on this in just awe minute. there is a barricade situation going on at 5 #nd street southwest, six blocks are cordoned off right now. -- going on at 52nd street. >> let's get a check on the forecast with tony. >> we have breezy conditions around the area right now. our winds blowing about 10 miles per hour. 74degrees in the district. 74 in baltimore and ocean city. 71 out at dulles airport. win chft are, virginia is at 78 degrees. here is a look at the satellite- radar. -- winchester, virginia is at 78 degrees. this is overplayed on this particular radar image. still, some moisture in the air a frontal system passes through. a couple of showers and sprinkles here and there. it would be light and brief. nothing to worry about. clouds this morning. a little bit breezy today. another warm one but the wind will shift out of the west as a cold front comes through and by tonight, we'll get cooler air working its way in.
6:32 am
today, we'll see a high in the upper 80s to around 90 degrees. that is a quick look at what is happen with the weather. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of act weather guy and it is all about the morning dew. >> all right. >> we'll have that for you. >> let's check in with julie and get a look at traffic. >> we've been talking about water main breaks. 410 at the bw parkway, they've been doing water main break repairs for the last couple of days. they have cleared the scene there but the contractor says they are coming back at 7:00 this morning to do some repaving. also, eastern avenue south of rhode island avenue but before you reach bladensburg road between newton place and bladensburg, they have that shut down due to a water main break. here is our live shot from the scene. it is eastern avenue south of rhode island avenue at newton. we've got the roadway blocked
6:33 am
off in each direction to bladensburg road. there is a police situation tying up your commute in southwest washington. that has m neat blocked off at half street. traffic is slowing out of dale city headed through woodbridge. before delays on 395 leaving the beltway headed up towards duke street. below speed here, 95 around to georgia. # 70, you guys are slow as you approach and pass 109. -- 270, you guys are slow as you approach and pass 109. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. this morning's big story is the controversy over a florida pastor's plan to burn coppies of the koran. >> more top names in the obama administration speaking out publicly against the protest. ainsley earhart with more now. >> i see it as a sign of of terror. he is trying to terrorize my
6:34 am
community. >> we are sending a message to them that he we can go beyond talk. if you push us too far, we can go beyond talk. there is a time that the talk is over. there is a time that we must stand up and battle. >> reporter: a pastor is getting heat from all sides over his weekend plans for an organized burn. >> a pastor down in gainesville, florida plans to burn the holy koran on september 11th. i am heartened by the clear, unequip qif kal condemnation of this disrespectful, disgraceful act. >> these asks, if they take place, will actually feed radicalism. >> reporter: general david pet ray also said the pastor's act could endanger troops in afghanistan and americans everywhere but jones says that is not his intention. >> it would be tragical if because of this, one person
6:35 am
died. but at the same time, we do not feel responsible for that. we are not promoting that. >> all he is going to do is add more division tuiasosopo muslims and christians when we should be sitting down at the table to resolve our differences. >> reporter: jones emphasizes his stational right to publicly set fire to the book. religous leader met on tuesday in washington with eric holder. >> hate, violence will not be tolerated and those would engage in such activities will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. he said no one should that v. to -- should have to live or pray in fear. we'll talk more about this throughout the morning. at 7:00 axe close are look at the concern that the koran burning could put troops in even more danger in afghanistan. saturday mark nine years since the 9-11 attacks.
6:36 am
the president will take part in remembrance ceremonies at the pentagon while the vice president will be in new york and the first lady will travel to the crash of flight 93 in shanksville, pennsylvania. we wanted to go to the developing story that wave been following in southwest washington. police say they are dealing with a barricade situation. sarah simmons just arrived on the scene. what can you tell us about what is happening there? >> reporter: as you said, we just arrived on the scene. we have very limited information right now. we are at canal and p street in that area. i spoke briefly with an officer who said they have very little information right now but she said it's barricade situation. they can't tell me if of this a hostage situation going on inside of a house. we just don't know right now. we know that their big concern that is people are waking up right now, trying to go to work, head to their cars. they are trying to get people in this area to stay inside their homes. now, it's rather large area that we are talking about here
6:37 am
like a six-block area when we pulled up in this vicinity that they have blocked off here. but again, right now, we are still trying to figure out exactly what the situation is, who may be behind the barricade situation. but the big thing right now, they are telling me it was at 52 n street. that is the location we believe they are dealing with. quite a large area that police are out here and have the area blocked off telling people in this area, canal and o, p street and canal street, in this vicinity southwest, we're near nats stadium, very close to there, actually, they are telling people to stay inside their homes until the situation gets resolved or until they tell folks otherwise. but we'll be following this and bring you updates as we get them. back to you. >> thank you very much. police in the meantime reminding students to be on alert after another robbery near the university of maryland campus at college park. latest victim said the suspect
6:38 am
pulled a gun on he and his friend. there have been six incidents in the last few weeks. police have stepped up patrols throughout the area. montgomery county police looking for a man who broke into a bethesda houses house and stole several guns. this happened on dorsett avenue. police say three people were home when the suspect knocked on the door. when somebody answered the door, he forced his way inside. nobody was hurt. man got away with four handguns. the man accused of firing a rifle at his ex-girlfriend. police say josh what prince tried to shoot his he can- girlfriend. he missed and she for the away. two schools were on lockdown while police looked for prince. he ended up in pennsylvania where he turned himself (. the virginia court of appeals says police can use gps technology to track suspects on public streets without a warrant. that ruling stems from a 2008 case where police planted a gps device on a register ad sex
6:39 am
offender's work van. he was eventually arrested but the attorney argued that the gps violated the suspect's privacy rights. coming up next, the speculation has been growing for weeks now and he has not been doing much to stop it. >> the redskins' $100 million man could be on his way out. we'll have more on where albert haynesworth may be headed if the redskins get rid of him.  with orbitz, i know what to expect from my vacation. bad dog, balloon pop. [ dog whimpers ] because orbitz has price assurance. leaf in face, marie, man with computer. [ man ] marie! if another orbitz customer books the same hotel or flight for less, they'll send me a check for the difference automatically. so i know i'll get their lowest price.
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wear continuing to follow breaking news from southwest washington this morning. our sarah similar mondes is on the scene of a barricade situation not far practice nationals ballpark. >> this is happening around n street southwest although police do have a six-block area there cordoned off so the big concern is for those folks that may be getting up this morning and thinking they are going to head to the cars and go to work. you will find the blue lights
6:43 am
out there, not quite sure what is happening. >> they are telling folks stay ineyed your home. they would prefer you stay inside your home. >> in the meantime, we are watching stories that are making headlines today. former jetblue flight attendant whose famous exit from a plane made him a cult hero is going to undergo a mental health evaluation, part of a possible plea deal to help steven slater avoid jail time. he is charged with criminal mischief, reckless endappingment and trespassing stemming from that meltdown last month he could get community service instead of jail time. -- reckless endangerment. the red skinned have contacted the tennessee titans about a trade. the titans appear to be interested but so far no deal. these folks couldn't be happier. no, we're just kidding.
6:44 am
a little problem with the video. we'll find out more. the skin coaching staff said they were a bit disappointed but no word from the titans if they are interested in albert. >> we heard they might be. >> not saying anything at this point. >> it is all about -- >> should we just give him the boot and send him to tennessee? >> whatever happens, happens. >> that is out of our control. >> you can't control the weather either but you can tell us about it. >> i can tell you about it. i will give you your weather headlines for today and for the foreseeable future. the main thing you want to know that is cooler air is coming. not today during the day. you won't really feel it until tonight. cold front crosses this morning. as it does, it could trigger a shower or two here or there. maybe a little sprinkle. not much of anything for most people. we could get some rain on sunday. that rain associated with tropical storm hermine which is
6:45 am
now a tropical depression. here is what is happening in our area. current temperature, 74 degrees here in the district. 74 in annapolis. 74 in baltimore. frederick, maryland is at 70 degrees. quantico at 74 degrees. win hester, 7 # degrees at this hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the nation. couple of things to show you. first of all, clouds in over us this morning. -- winchester, 74 degrees at this hour. there is your cold front. once it comes through, you will feel the breeze pick up and shift out of the west. the cooler air lags bemine the front so it doesn't get here until tonight. there is the tropical depression that was once tropical storm hermine and it is producing precipitation. i'll be glad when she is done -- producing precipitation across texas into oklahoma that. precip could move into the mid- atlantic by sunday. the forecast for washington for today looks like this, early
6:46 am
clouds, we've got those. afternoon sunshine becoming breezy as i said. high about 89 degrees today so still a warm one. five-day forecast, the real change is tonight. overnight lows in the 60s. then tomorrow, after a high of 94 yesterday, a high tomorrow only about 78 degrees. 77 on friday. lots of sunshine. saturday, 81 and sun. sunday, could get the remnants of that tropical storm. could move in here on sunday and bring us some showers and thunderstorms. frankly, we hope not as the redskins play at fedex field sunday night again the dallas cowboys. >> it could hold off but we do need the rain. >> we do. it is time now for ask the weather guys, the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big geeky weather heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. today's question is from mary in loudoun county. mary writes why is morning dew more prevalent the further you go outside of cities?
6:47 am
is it because of the increased amount of vegetation versus asphalt? thanks, large-headed geeky ones. it's one thing when i say it. >> she's just showing that she pays attention. >> i did not read the whole question until it was put up. mary, you are onto something. part of the reason is because of the increased vegetation outside of urban areas and it is a couple of things. first of ark there is more -- and you note this because you live out to the west. you talk about we had the dew and it was so pretty and we don't have any here. here is what happens. we talked about this once before. as the temperature falls, the air holds less moisture. we talked about this not too long ago when we were talking about snow and how it is harder to snow when it is super cold because there is less moisture in the air. so the air holds less water vapor. excess water condenses at the
6:48 am
dew point which is the temperature at which dew forms on grassy areas, on your windshield, what have you. so as that water condenses, you start to see it. it is easier for us to reach that dew point in areas where we have the natural ground, not so much in cities where we get what is called -- what is it, the urban heat effect? >> urban heat island the concrete holds the heat in and helps hold the temperaturess up. we don't get the cooling so we don't get the dew developing. >> she is onto something and she is absolutely right outside of the big urban areas, the temperature will clear more quickly. >> we have a graphic. >> tuck are will talk us through this graphic. >> i don't know what it says. >> let's see. cool air holds less water vapor. you mentioned that. that is excellent. >> vapor condenses at the dew point. >> i did mention that.
6:49 am
>> you can see the dew on the grass blades. >> we made that. >> this is perfect swr. -- this is perfect. >> you all are amazing. >> i like how you grade yourselves. >> i am told mary used to live in alexandria. she lives in the foot hills of the mountains. she says she notices a lot more dew living out that way. >> you are right about the big- headed geekiness. >> oh, you love that little song. if you have a question that you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. we'll try to answer your questions for you. >> that movie was putting me back to sleep. you have like snoozing away over here. >> on the roads, hope you got all eyes open. we have a lot going on. they are now checking for a crash outer loop blast near 650
6:50 am
new hampshire avenue. typical slow downs as you continue around towards silver spring. they are check in this area for an accident. -- they are now checking for a crash outer loop of the beltway near 650 new hampshire avenue. top stretch of 270 the brakes approaching and passing 109. traffic slows again in germantown headed out towards mva. here we are east of 234, traffic volume heavy and steady as you work your way in towards fair lakes and fair oaks. nutley street to the beltway, dulles toll road, fender bender before the beltway quickly cleared with a delay leaving hunter mill. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. there is some welcome news. the "washington post" reports the potomac river is cleaner now than it has been in decades. a new study found it is largely because of upgrades at washington sewage plants. despite the encouraging national hurricane center the
6:51 am
potomac river is still full of other pollutanted and the ecosimilar has been scrambled by invasive species. it has been about nine months since d.c.'s bag tax went into effect. >> a tax at a nickel a bag as already brought in nearly a million dollars. so far, environmental groups haven't seen a dime. >> reporter: on the surface of the anacostia river, it appears that some of the goals of d.c.'s controversial bag tax are working. >> the bag are a lot less noticeable but place tissues are still a huge problem. >> reporter: anacostia river keeper agrees that looks can be deceiving. >> there have not been the same efforts to get rid of the pollution that is invisible. >> reporter: dottie younger is concerned about industrial sites along the water's edge like the farmer washington gas
6:52 am
and light property. >> what is happening is this is just rolling right into the river and dumping the cedement and the contaminants with them right directly into the river. >> reporter: the result, six known toxic hot spots in the anacostia contaminated with heavy metals. in the last five months, the district of columbia has collected more than $928,000 from that bag tax. but so far, keepers of the river say they haven't seen any of it. >> we just need the money. there is a million dollars right there that could go to projects that we already know about and we could start tomorrow. >> reporter: ward six councilman tommy wells championed the bag tax and he says it first goes to public outreach and storm screen. >> we are still early. it is only nine months into implementation. it is having a substantial impact. we need to work on granting for folks. >> reporter: d.c.'s department
6:53 am
of the environment says it hopes to start spending on projects goon we would call on ddoe to figure that out and to release the money as soon as possible. >> we would call on ddoe to figure that out and to release the money as soon as possible. >> reporter: melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. the department of the environment spent about $250,000 on outreach for the new tax. its director told fox 5 that money will start flowing to community-bessed problem ecstacy soon. before a health aher on a new drug-resistant bacteria case in japan. this meeting to discuss new ways to discuss the soup are bug ndm 1. it was found in a japanese man in his 50s. he was hospitalized after returning from a tip to india. the new dpeen has been detected in small numbers in australia,
6:54 am
canada and the united states and the netherlands, sweden and the uk. you may want to stock up on grapefruit. i guess those were great fruits we were looking a. past studies have suggested this a weight loss food and now researchers say it may help treat type two diabetes. they say the antioxidants that give grapefruit the bitter taste help increase the body's reaction it insulin. the number of people holding steady these days despite a drop in rates from 2000 to 2005. 20% of adults still smoke and more than half of children around the age of 11 are exposed to secondhand smoke. 9 #% of those exposed kids have measurable levels of toxic chemicals in their bodies. the cdc reports that there would be five million fewer smokers if all states followed the guideline for tobacco control programs. a community that shows of on some of the best of d.c.'s
6:55 am
creative side. >> holly live at a festival that celebrates all of the things that adams morgan has to offer. some people say i'm obsessed with my chickens.
6:56 am
but i like to think i'm just going beyond the call of duty. cock-a-doodle-dooooo! i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ they're fed a nutritious diet including corn, soybeans and marigolds. and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections. extraordinary chicken.
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what? they're more comfortable.
6:58 am
>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and i think it is fair to say that we are officially in fall festival season. and if you haven't been to one just yet, then the first one you need to go to is in adams morgan going on this sunday. it is their adams morgan day 18th street festival and it is a big one. going on for 34 years. and it is the longest continually running festival in d.c. this is all that is adams morgan, how diverse it is and all of the cultures that are here and come together and this morning we are going to give you a preview. we a lot of different vendors that come out and
6:59 am
crafts people to come out and show their wares. they have two famous stages that has continual live music. we'll got a preview of a jazz band and they have a dancing area as well where you can learn all kinds of dance and we'll give you all of the information you need to know so you can put it on your calendar to come out and be a part of the festival. >> that's going to do it for me. i'll turn things over to allison and steve. coming up on fox 5 morning news, we're following two breaking stories, a barricade situation in southwest d.c. has several blocks shut down and has many people forced to stay in their homes. >> a water main break causing big problems along eastern avenue. we're live there on the latest. a florida pastor's decision to b

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